Why was Chaser Plus discontinued?

Chaser Plus discontinued? Yes, you heard right. Why in the world would they discontinue the best-selling anti-hangover supplement of all time? Typically, a supplement is dicontinued for one of two reasons. Either there’s a FDA-related issue with the ingredients or lack of sales. In this case, the folks over at Living Essentials  chose to concentrate on marketing their hot-selling 5 Hour Energy Shots. I don’t blame them. The demand for energy shots is sky high right now.

So, our loyal Chaser Plus customers asked us to find them a suitable anti-hangover replacement. After lots of research here’s what we’re recommending: RU21 Hangover Prevention

After Chaser Plus was discontinued, we conducted a survey asking the participants how RU21 compared to Chaser Plus. The overall consensus was that RU21 worked as well and was more than suitable as a replacement. A few participants commented that Chaser Plus would still be their choice if the two products were offered side by side.

So, go out and have a drink or five. Just don’t forget your Ru21 here.

RU21 Hangover Prevention

Please feel free to comment below on your own RU21 experiences.


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