Best Ephedra Diet Pill

November 28, 2009

What is the best ephedra diet pill? In order to answer this very common question, we decided to put together an ephedra diet pill comparison chart. This comparison chart provides a detailed overview of all the top selling ephedra diet pills compared by ephedra dosage, caffeine amount, serving size, and more. It should help you decide which ephedra diet pill is best for you.

We also decided to poll some of our loyal ephedra customers. Those that agreed to take part in the survey were asked what they thought was the best ephedra diet pill. They were given the following choices: Superdrine RX-10, Yellow Devils, Metabothin, Megadrine RFA-1, Ripped Power, Lipodrene, and Stimerex.

Here’s how they scored:

Yellow Devils – 47%|
Superdrine Rx-10 – 28%
Lipodrene – 15%
Ripped Power – 8%
**Other – 2%

Use the comparison chart below to compare ephedra diet pills.

Click on Chart to Enlarge

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